Botsync Blog is a platform to share about our work in robotics, industrial automation solution, our contributions to ROS, as well as deployments/developments of our autonomous mobile robots.

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Automating Automotive Manufacturing

The use of robotics in the automotive factory is not recent. In fiction, it traces back to 1921, in the play Rossum’s Universal Robots and in reality, to 1961 when the first application of robots was seen in the automotive industry. For decades now, robots have been helping factories streamline processes, enhance productivity, and eliminateContinue reading “Automating Automotive Manufacturing”

Making Automation Accessible

A black box. Arcane, too complex for a layperson. These are all terms that have been used to describe robotics automation since the beginning of the field, and all terms that – as far as we’re concerned – only hinder the true scalability and potential of robotics automation because operators are not comfortable with it.Continue reading “Making Automation Accessible”

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