Botsync Blog is a platform to share about our work in robotics, industrial automation solution, our contributions to ROS, as well as deployments/developments of our autonomous mobile robots.

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Heavy Lifting for Heavy Vehicle Manufacturing

Takt time, which is the product assembly duration needed to match demand, is a key metric for any automotive manufacturer. And often a challenge too. Eliminating manpower dependency for material handling in factories has helped manufacturers reduce this significantly. Not to mention a slew of other benefits.  Eliminating manpower dependency for material handling in factories…

Automating Automotive Manufacturing

The use of robotics in the automotive factory is not recent. In fiction, it traces back to 1921, in the play Rossum’s Universal Robots and in reality, to 1961 when the first application of robots was seen in the automotive industry. For decades now, robots have been helping factories streamline processes, enhance productivity, and eliminate…

Warehouses in Asia: The Changing Paradigm

The first-ever ‘warehouse’ was a structure built a little above ground to store grains, safely and away from predators. These were called granaries and looked like your typical huts in the fields till they were moved to bigger facilities.  The need was simple: storage. It was not focused on consumer trends and technological advancements until…

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