Unscripted Underdogs

Working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown period, we pondered over the idea of announcing our story to the world. In our make-do home offices, we finally thought of putting our crazy engineering ideas and their business implications into honest words. So welcome to the Botsync world!

We, the four founders of Botsync, started out as university graduates exploring various robotics projects. We formed as a team initially to take part in a robotics competition, the Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Competition. Being one of the youngest teams and under budgeted, we scrambled our way to build these robots and pave our path to the finals. A theme we seem to have stuck to till date. While it was not the greatest of our triumphs, with our robots breaking down at the finals and us having a laugh over it, we were still very proud of what we had achieved. At the end of the competition, we had our realization moment. We loved building robots. 

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Botsync started building cost-effective robots to accelerate research efforts. Having faced this problem during the competition, it was something we found importance to work on. Over time, as we started scaling our businesses and sought faster growth, we decided to pivot into the logistics and manufacturing industry to automate goods movement processes. The e-commerce market for AGV’s had become saturated, so we identified goods movement in more B2B oriented warehouses and distribution centres was a suitable problem for us to solve. We had experienced our fair share of mistakes before reaching this point. 

Today, we are a company that builds autonomous mobile robots for material movement for the logistics and manufacturing industries. Our products currently move payloads of 500 kilograms and are designed and assembled by us with the technology built in house. With the higher payload capacity, we are working on systems to lift and move pallets. Integrations with other software solutions like warehouse management systems also form a major part of our solutions offering.

Botsync Labs is our way of supporting the robotics research community that we were once part of. Our products, Volta and Copernicus, are designed to accelerate research efforts and improve scope for technical training in robotics. Through these efforts, we hope to not only advance and enhance robotics research, but as well as to re-equip the current workforce to adapt to an automated future. 

With teams in two offices now across Singapore and India, we are humbled that we now have the support of amazing technical team to continue our journey. With this amazing team in place, and the backing of an amazing set of partners and investors, we are now posed to officially launch our products in the market.

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Botsync is a robotics startup that builds autonomous mobile robots to automate point to point goods movement process for the logistics and manufacturing industry. Simultaneously with our academic division, Botsync Labs, we actively support robotics research and re-skilling of the industrial workforce for Industry 4.0 by building research and learning robots and providing robotics training materials.

4 thoughts on “Unscripted Underdogs

  1. Very interesting and has many applications. From the Commodities world that I come from I can instantly come up with numerous useful applications. All good wishes and am sure you will succeed. Happy to help too.


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