A few months have passed since the launch of Volta and we are very grateful for the attention that it has received from the academic community. During this period, we managed to touch base with groups of educators to share about how Volta is designed to have core features in line with industrial AMRs, allowing students and learners to develop industry-relevant robotic skills through hands-on development. It was heartening to see them share as much excitement as us for the robot. We are happy that our vision for Volta is coming to life with educational institutions currently developing new elective modules structured around Volta.

However, Volta’s applications do not stop within the confines of the laboratory or classroom. Its platform capabilities are similar to that of many industrial AMRs, which also makes it suitable for evaluation of industrial use cases and PoCs (Proof-of-Concepts). An example is the use of Volta as the robot base of a disinfection system. As countries continue to take precautions against the community transmission of COVID-19, disinfection of high traffic environments like hospitals and shopping malls has become one of the utmost priorities. Yet, thorough disinfection of large spaces can become labour intensive and time-consuming. With Volta as the robot base, it opens up the possibility of having a disinfection system that can be remotely controlled or configured for autonomous operation.

Our users are also tapping into Volta’s autonomous capabilities to move materials from point to point in indoor areas. Automating repetitive tasks frees up staff for work that matters more. Beyond increasing productivity, the use of robot will also eliminate non-essential contacts between workgroups during this crucial period and help enforce social distancing measures.

Volta’s flexible configuration and comprehensive software packages have allowed it to become an integral part of a wide range of projects. It is always fascinating to hear from the users themselves on how they have been using our products. These are invaluable insights that we shared with the team as we continue to develop various packages to allow users adopt Volta for wide range of use-cases. Find out more information on setup and tutorials for Volta through our ROS Wiki page. We will continue to highlight other interesting use cases in the time to come, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Volta!

Published by botsyncblog

Botsync is a robotics startup that helps companies automate their material movement operations at existing plants or warehouses. Our automation platform allows users to configure, deploy and change settings of AMRs without any technical capability. Our MAG AMR series can automate movement of pallets/trolleys/carts/custom loads of up to 1000 kg (lifting) or 1500 kg (tugging) without any changes to existing infrastructure.

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