Making Automation Accessible

A black box. Arcane, too complex for a layperson. These are all terms that have been used to describe robotics automation since the beginning of the field, and all terms that – as far as we’re concerned – only hinder the true scalability and potential of robotics automation because operators are not comfortable with it.

Botsync’s no-code software platform for its MAG AMRs, syncOS, is meant to be nothing like that. Instead syncOS is designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, so that customers can easily make any changes to our MAG AMRs’ settings themselves with zero technical expertise. Targeting Southeast Asia and India, we realized early on that two of the main requirements in this region were:

  • Flexibility to adapt our MAG AMRs to changing operations
  • Flexibility for operators to be able to do these adaptations themselves

syncOS was created to enable this flexibility. Our aim is to put control of automation back in customers’ hands, to make it accessible to the normal operator – and so we accomplished this by making syncOS as easy-to-use and intuitive as a smartphone app. Operators can easily configure or replace MAG AMR application modules, change speed or restricted zones, create/edit workflows, and other settings for the robotic fleet, without any coding skills. One example of this is the workflow creator, which allows users to easily create and alter the maps of the facilities that the AMRs use to navigate. This includes waypoints to pick up and return materials, temporary stop for operator’s confirmation, what routes to take, and where in the facilities MAG AMRs will slow down or speed up, depending on the amount of traffic in the area.

Reach out to us to find out more about how easy and convenient it is to control and adapt MAG AMRs via syncOS, and how our flexible, easily-adjustable automation solutions can benefit your facility.

Published by botsyncblog

Botsync is a robotics startup that helps companies automate their material movement operations at existing plants or warehouses. Our automation platform allows users to configure, deploy and change settings of AMRs without any technical capability. Our MAG AMR series can automate movement of pallets/trolleys/carts/custom loads of up to 1000 kg (lifting) or 1500 kg (tugging) without any changes to existing infrastructure.

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