Heavy Lifting for Heavy Vehicle Manufacturing

Takt time, which is the product assembly duration needed to match demand, is a key metric for any automotive manufacturer. And often a challenge too. Eliminating manpower dependency for material handling in factories has helped manufacturers reduce this significantly. Not to mention a slew of other benefits.  Eliminating manpower dependency for material handling in factoriesContinue reading “Heavy Lifting for Heavy Vehicle Manufacturing”

Automating Automotive Manufacturing

The use of robotics in the automotive factory is not recent. In fiction, it traces back to 1921, in the play Rossum’s Universal Robots and in reality, to 1961 when the first application of robots was seen in the automotive industry. For decades now, robots have been helping factories streamline processes, enhance productivity, and eliminateContinue reading “Automating Automotive Manufacturing”

Warehouses in Asia: The Changing Paradigm

The first-ever ‘warehouse’ was a structure built a little above ground to store grains, safely and away from predators. These were called granaries and looked like your typical huts in the fields till they were moved to bigger facilities.  The need was simple: storage. It was not focused on consumer trends and technological advancements untilContinue reading “Warehouses in Asia: The Changing Paradigm”

Making Automation Accessible

A black box. Arcane, too complex for a layperson. These are all terms that have been used to describe robotics automation since the beginning of the field, and all terms that – as far as we’re concerned – only hinder the true scalability and potential of robotics automation because operators are not comfortable with it.Continue reading “Making Automation Accessible”

Local Challenges, Local Solutions

When we started building robotics solutions for businesses few years ago, we quickly noticed that existing solutions tended to neglect the unique requirements of local businesses in Southeast Asia and India. Namely, that many of these sites – warehouses, factories, etc – are often older and more densely-packed compared to eg. warehouses in the USAContinue reading “Local Challenges, Local Solutions”

In transition to Automation

We believe that 2021 will be the year when the world transits to a new normal. The pandemic in 2019 was a wakeup call for many enterprises as it exposes the vulnerabilities of labor-intensive operations- a lack of flexibility and scalability. The struggle to cope with the lack of labor and surge in consumer demandsContinue reading “In transition to Automation”

Testing, No Resting

Robotics is often seen as an exciting field, with cool devices and mechanisms doing an infinite number of exciting and bizarre applications, from drones moving large payloads to animal-based robots automating surveillance work. The limitations of what a robotics engineer can do truly lies within the extent of his or her imagination. Nonetheless, robotics isContinue reading “Testing, No Resting”


A few months have passed since the launch of Volta and we are very grateful for the attention that it has received from the academic community. During this period, we managed to touch base with groups of educators to share about how Volta is designed to have core features in line with industrial AMRs, allowingContinue reading “Up-and-Coming”